workshops for teams

“Leadership is a conversation. How you show up in these conversations determines your level of effectiveness. How we show up together in these conversations drives our collective effectiveness. The quality of our collective conversation largely determines our collective leadership effectiveness and business performance.” Anderson, Robert and Adams, William, Mastering Leadership 2016

We offer half-day, one-day and two-day workshops, with a choice of bespoke or ‘off the shelf’.
Our workshops cater for individual leaders from different sites or organizations, as well as organization and business teams.

You and your organization will benefit through:

  • Improved understandings of your own and others’ best self and strengths
  • Incorporation of value systems in group decision making
  • Insightful leadership conversations
  • Increased management and leadership effectiveness
  • Creation of high-performing teams
  • Higher employee engagement and retention of talent
  • Consistently meeting targets and delivering the results you want

workshop frameworks

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP). The LCP reveals a leader’s Operating System. It cuts through to a deep understanding of a person’s inner world and illuminates a leader’s level of effectiveness.

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The Leadership Cultural Survey™ (LCS) provides valuable feedback on your leadership culture. The survey can be used for your entire organization or for your team.

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‘The Why of You’ powered by PRINT®, is a breakthrough model of human motivation and behaviour that was developed by The Paul Hertz Group. The Achieve Real Change team are licensed to use and analyze the Paul Hertz Group’s PRINT® Survey, a 10-15 minute, statistically validated, highly accurate, and dynamic online instrument as part of our practice.

In the absence of knowing one’s own motivational style, and that of others, the temptation is too great to use strategies with others that work for you. But motivation is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and, more often than not, the strategies employed do not achieve their intended results.

Dr Paul Hertz

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Positive Psychology, the scientific study of optimal human performance and wellbeing, shines a lens on what is right with people and organizations. Join our Positive Psychology practitioner in a half-day or full-day experiential workshop. You will gain greater depth and undersatnding into the mindset required to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, wellbeing and business performance.

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